Everyday Speaking

Using the action-based approach, (based on tasks carried out in everyday life) each intensive course is tailored to meet your needs and objectives. The following list includes some of the tasks that you could study during a General English course, and you can also add topics of your choice.
  • Share personal information, ¬†opinions, and daily activities
  • Make and change travel plans
  • Order food or do grocery shopping
  • Get information, help, and medical attention
  • Set appointments or dates
  • Describe your surroundings
  • Find an apartment or house
  • Talk about contemporary culture
  • Discuss your interests, passions and current projects

And any other task or concept you may wish to study!

Sample Curriculum Level B1

Textbooks and materials:  Each course is different, and your teacher will indicate whether textbooks are required and if so, which ones are being used.  Textbook fees are not included in the course price.

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