Business English

Using the action-based approach, (based on tasks carried out in your work) each intensive course is tailored to meet your needs and objectives within a business context. The following list includes some of the tasks that you could study during a Business English course, and you can also include topics of your choice.
  • Share your personal information (update your CV)
  • Give your availability or preferred dates
  • Talk on the phone
  • Write a formal letter or email
  • Make suggestions and giving instructions
  • Order supplies
  • Make and changing arrangements for meetings and conferences
  • Give status reports
  • Create a budget
  • Plan projects
  • Give a presentation
  • Describe the corporate structure
  • Draw up a contract
  • Negotiate successfully

And any other task or concept you may wish to study!

Sample Curriculum Level A2

Sample Curriculum Level B1/B2

Textbooks and materials:

Each course is different, and your teacher will indicate whether textbooks are required and if so, which ones are being used.  Textbook fees are not included in the course price.

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